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Daylesford Presbyterian Church

We are people who love being loved by God. It is liberating. It is freeing. It is life-giving. It is what we were made for.

... We love that God is the divine family of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We love that God has opened up the circle of his own life to us. We love Godʼs freedom to include us in his family. We love that God went to extraordinary lengths through Jesus Christ to make room for us in his family as his children! We love that God is the good Shepherd bringing lost people back to share in his love.

We love that God created humanity to know him intimately and, thus, represent his life and rule to the world. We love Godʼs faithfulness. We love that he has not deviated from his purposes. We love his insistence that he will be God who fulfils his good plans for mankind and the creation.

We love Godʼs grace. We love that God is, himself, grace! We love that God promised to give total forgiveness and new hearts to blinded human rebels. We love that God has held nothing back: – in giving us his Son, he has given himself to us totally. We love the fullness of Godʼs grace that came to us in his Son. We love that his Son became one of us, the man Jesus Christ, in order to reconcile us to God.

We love Godʼs righteousness that gave Jesus Christ to us. We love that Jesus lived a truly righteous human life and that in his death he destroyed the record of our evil. We love Godʼs righteousness that cleansed and purified us and made an end of our filth and defilement on the cross. We love that God gives his righteousness to us as a gift in Jesus Christ. We love that we can have all this in Jesus Christ.

We love Godʼs mercy that brings full forgiveness – that heals and sets free and restores us to true human living.

We love Godʼs kindness that makes us his sons and daughters in Jesus Christ. We love this new family that he has created. And we love that together we now share in the wonder of Jesusʼ worship and prayer and rule.

We love that Christ lives in us and we live in Christ and that through us and by the power of his own Holy Spirit he continues to set others free.

We love Godʼs joy. We love that Godʼs own Holy Spirit has come to unite us to Jesus Christ and to fill and indwell Godʼs new family. We love the power of the Holy Spirit who brings all the new life of Christ to us. We love that Jesus conquered sin and death for us to bring us eternal life. We love that we now have the life of the Father, Son and Spirit, and will be part of that family throughout eternity.

ʻIn this is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the atoning sacrifice for our sins.ʼ 1 John 4:10


Meeting time: Sundays 9.30 am

Home Group: Thursday at 7.30 pm. Phone for details

Friday Prayer Meetings: Phone for details

Saturday Praise: Phone for details